Sony Ericsson Media Manager 1.1 Released

Sony Ericsson Media Manager 1.1 is now available for download from the Sony Ericsson website.

I downloaded the new version and tried it with my W960i.

In this version the Video Mode tab is now unlocked but it only allows you to transfer existing video files which are compatible with your phone. You must still purchase Sony Ericsson Media Manager Pro at a cost of $9.95 if you want to use the program to encode your video into .mp4 or .3gp format.

In my case Sony Ericsson Media Manager 1.1 was unable to transfer any of my videos to my W960i. I copied the videos to my W960i manually but still none of the videos would play in Media Viewer. I believe that this is because my videos are in a variety of formats (.avi .mpg .mpeg .wmv) and although they play on my PC they need to be converted to play on my W960i. Some .wmv files did display a frozen frame in the W960i Media Viewer but I think the format needs to be downsized before it will play.

I assume that if I purchase Sony Ericsson Media Manager Pro then it will convert my videos to .mp4 format which can be played by my W960i.

Sony Ericsson Media Manager Pro will convert the following formats -
.mp4 (Sony AVC/AAC), .mp4 (MPEG4 part 2) *
.mov *
.qt *
.mpg, .mpeg, .mpeg1, .mpeg2, .m1p, .mp1, .m2p, .m2t
Unprotected DVD titles (such as DVD home movies or DVDs from a camcorder)
.3gp *
.m4v *

Video encoding to an MPEG-4 Visual profile is available only in Sony Ericsson Media Manager Pro so you probably need Pro to have any chance of watching a video on your W960i.

Sony Ericsson Media Manager 1.1 is a 38.4MB download from the Sony Ericsson website Sony Ericsson Media Manager 1.1. You have to register the application on-line before you can use it.


Anonymous said...

how did you transfer the files manualy from time4beernow@hotmail.co.uk

Warfield said...

Media Manager would not transfer the video files from my PC to my W960i because only the Media Manager Pro version will convert video files to play on my W960i.

The normal version of Media Manager decided that the videos would not play so it would not transfer them.

Manual transfer is easy. Just connect the W960i to my PC using the USB cable. Put the W960i into Fast file transfer mode. Drag and drop the video files to the Video folder in the media drive of the W960i.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I did that and i worked ! but still the file wont play on my phone :( never mind I'm not gonna bother - I only think that the guide could be written better becasue the program is a little complicated and there are other issues that are just skimmed e.g the file name problem (what is best?)and I didnt really get it - i gues Im a bit stupid

jt said...

I have found that media manager fails to recognise many of my mp3's that I have on my pc which I have ripped from my cd's. It just will not display some of them, and yet others display and can be transferred without a problem. Even manualy transferring these mp3's the w960 refuses to play them.
They are just standard mp3's. i don't understand.
Anyone else had this problem??

Addison said...

I have the W380a and I bought the Media Manager Pro version. However, none of the videos I transfer with Pro play on my phone. I have tried mpeg, avi, 3gp files but once transfered the phone only plays the audio and not the video. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I bought the pro version and have tried to convert many different video formats. I still have not managed to get a single video to play on my phone.
Don't bother with the pro version. It simply doesn't work.

AB said...

well i was able to transfer videos to my phone, however there's no voice in there does anyone has any clue on that? am using the pro and don't know what's going on with it.. thanks the videos am converting are from itunes and they all playing fine in my phone, but the voice isn't there and need help as soon as possible if anyone can.. thanks